The Company of Alexander Language Schools /ALS/ was founded in 1966 and manages foreign language schools around the world. Some of the countries in which franchise partners operate and use the ALEXANDER brand are Greece, Italy, Romania, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar.

In Bulgaria, the first school of Alexander opened its doors in 1994, and since 1998, our company has been providing franchise rights to its partners for large and small cities throughout the country.

ALS offers partnership to individuals or organizations who wish to own and develop their own language school. Each franchisee uses the company’s established trademark and gets access to its know-how, works on a proven system, while being an autonomous entity and having full control and independence in running its business. This school franchise is suitable for English speaking active and energetic people with business acumen. It is not obligatory to be a qualified teacher or to have previous experience in developing a similar activity. With the ALS franchise programme, you will learn how to run a language school so that your graduates achieve excellent results, you will understand how to find and hire the right teachers, and how to attract new students and how to keep them.

At any moment during your partnership with ALEXANDER, you can count on the franchisor’s operational support. In our organization, the quality of training is constantly monitored and any problem that arises is responded to promptly and adequately.

By purchasing a franchise for a given city or populated area, you receive exclusive rights and are the sole representative of the company in your assigned territory.

If you do not have all the required capital to buy the franchise and start the business, but you are a suitable candidate, ALS is ready to offer you an individual scheme to meet your initial costs.

Depending on the investment made, the place of work and your dedication to the business, you can recover the invested capital in a period of 1 to 3 years.

If you want to be independent, but at the same time to benefit from decades of tradition and experience in language teaching, you can become part of a network of hundreds of schools around the world and develop a business that brings you satisfaction and profits.

Do not hesitate to learn more about Alexander Language Schools and apply to become a franchise partner.

Franchise Fee: € 10 000 – € 20 000

Royalties: 15% Declining to 5%

Аdditional investment: Depending on the size of the school

Term/Duration: 5 to 10 Years or More