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More than 55 years of experience, traditions and success in foreign language education!

ALEXANDER has existed for more than five decades as an institution specializing in the field of education and language learning. Nowadays, more than one billion people around the world use English to communicate, conduct international business and maintain political and economic relations. People of all ages and spheres of life learn English, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Russian and other languages at ALEXANDER schools.

The ALEXANDER schools have been offering foreign language courses on an international level since 1966 and have also been active in Bulgaria since 1994. The many years of experience, the quality of the language services offered and the fact that we understand the needs of our students confirm the leading position of ALEXANDER LANGUAGE SCHOOLS (ALS) on the foreign language market.

In addition, we keep abreast of the latest developments in foreign language teaching and offer our students technologically advanced and pedagogically reliable teaching methods. Studying at the ALEXANDER Schools is based on established language standards that lead to quality and sustainable results. Our courses give you the opportunity to develop your skills and achieve greater personal and professional fulfillment.

We are convinced that, apart from everything else, our requirement of providing high-quality foreign language teaching, bring us the respect we enjoy, make us competitive and determined to offer the same high-level standards of education our students expect.

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What our students say

Petar P.
Petar P.
За нас беше удоволствие да работим заедно! Препоръчвам курсовете на Alexander Language Schools! 🙂
Abraham M.
Abraham M.
Direct english is very good organisation!
Лидия В.
Лидия В.
Radosveta K.
Radosveta K.

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