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About Course

Level D Senior /Intermediate/ English for students from 6th-7th to 9th-10th school grades

  • Form of education: face-to-face or distance learning as desired.
  • Schedule for 1 academic year/1 level: 120 study hours.
  • Weekly schedule: 4 hours per week /2 days x 2 hours/.
  • Start dates: September 15 to October 31 and February 1 to March 15.
  • Other start dates on request.


  • Tuition fees: standard groups of 5 to 12 students:
  • Sofia: BGN 1650 for payment in installments /6 x 275/ or BGN 1568 all at once.
  • Other towns: BGN 1170 for payment in installments /6 x 195/ or BGN 1111 all at once.
  • Additional charges: Registration fee – BGN 40; Textbooks – BGN 110.


  • Discounts up to 25%: A wide range of attractive discounts for: success, every next level, “Bring a friend”, second and third child of a family, Golden Card holders and other bonuses and privileges.
  • Free assistance and registration through us for Cambridge exams В1 Preliminary.

Possibility to conduct an on-site exam at the Alexander Language Schools.


The indicated prices do not include VAT.

For more information and enrolments please call us at 0896 856591

or email at alexander@als.bg


Level D Senior: Spot on 4 – learning materials and learning content

The system Spot On 4 is suitable for students aged 13 – 18. It is sequel to “Spot on 3”. Learning materials include: a coursebook, a workbook, a writing task booklet, a coursebook test booklet and downloadable files with animated lessons and additional exercises. All the classes take place in friendly and relaxed atmosphere conducting by experienced teachers, as during lessons multimedia products are used.

The study material is divided into 8 main units with 4 lessons in each. After each second unit there is an additional one in which the lexical and structural units, studied in the previous eight lessons, are reinforced and practiced and the achieved progress is determined by a test from the coursebook test booklet. Learners expand their vocabulary related to various areas of everyday life such as: transport, family holidays, food and drink, environmental and climate change, city and country life, health and healthcare, technology, social issues related to crime and punishment, leisure, hobbies and entertainment.

By the end of the school year the following grammar material is covered: present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous, present perfect simple and continuous, past perfect simple, past perfect continuous, future simple, future continuous, future perfect simple and continuous tenses, definite and indefinite articles, countable and uncountable nouns and related to them determiners, adjectives, adverbs, the infinitive, the gerund, comparative constructions, all modal verbs, tag questions, conjunctions, conditional sentences of the three types, passive and active voice, causative “have”, relative clauses, time clauses, clauses of purpose and result, participles and exclamatory structures /material taught in the last year of the high schools with English language study/. Students’ vocabulary is also enriched by learning a number of idiomatic and colloquial expressions, as well as phrasal verbs. Apart from standard speaking and listening exercises, ones related to pronunciation and intonation are provided. At the end of each unit of the coursebook, two written tasks from the writing booklet are required to be done (a formal and informal letter/email, a descriptive article, an argumentative and interpretative essay, a letter/email of complaint, a sport-related composition, a blog, a comment, a review on a book read).


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Student Ratings & Reviews

Petar P.
Petar P.
За нас беше удоволствие да работим заедно! Препоръчвам курсовете на Alexander Language Schools! :)
Abraham M.
Abraham M.
Direct english is very good organisation!
Лидия В.
Лидия В.
Radosveta K.
Radosveta K.