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Language for Life from London – стартови дати, графици, цени, отстъпки

Форма на обучение: Дистанционна.
Хорариум за един модул: 15 учебни часа.
Стартови дати и графици през учебната година:
Първият понеделник на ноември, декември, февруари, март, април и май.
Заниманията се провеждат по веднъж седмично по 1.5 учебни часа /60 минути/
с обща продължителност 10 седмици.
Стартови дати и графици през лятната ваканция: Първият понеделник на юли и август.
Заниманията се провеждат по 1, 2 или 3 дни седмично по 1.5 учебни часа с обща
продължителност 3, 5 или 10 седмици.
Други стартови дати при групови записвания.
Цена за обучение за един модул:
195 лева на вноски за записани ученици/курсисти и за основен курс /включена 15 %
отстъпка за втора програма едновременно/.
230 лева на вноски за записани ученици само за този курс.
Допълнителна отстъпка: 5 % отстъпка при плащане наведнъж.

Language for Life from London
Short Conversation Course for students: modules for levels A senior to E class
and adults: modules for levels A1 /Beginner/ to B1+ /Intermediate/
At the Alexander Schools we also offer modules in conversational English in addition to the main
programs. The learning systems in which students learn the language in their main programme
develop in equal measure all four basic language skills – reading, listening, writing, and speaking.
However, the most difficult skill to be develop is speaking. For many students from all over the
world, communicating in English is a real challenge. That's why in conjunction with our partners at
Direct English /http://www.directenglish.com/ we are pleased to offer you a short conversational
course Language for Life from London. Many of our students have already completed several
modules and are convinced of the benefits of these additional programmes.
The Conversation English course comprises of 15 academic hours and is designed to give
learners more confidence and even greater fluency regarding their speaking skills. Classes are
held remotely from the UK by highly qualified teachers for whom the English language is native.
The program is a great opportunity to upgrade language learning, to enrich vocabulary and to
improve pronunciation and intonation.
Participants are divided into groups of 5 to 8 students according to levels from beginners to
intermediate. Depending on their level, they talk on a variety of topics such as Family
Relationships and Famous Families, Typical Day, Ideal Day and Interesting Occupations,
Restaurant Ordering, Recipes, Weird Food Festivals, Nature and Nutrition, Lifestyle, Relationships
and Psychology, Food and Entertainment, Crime and Punishment, Science and Technology,
Social Media and Its Impact, Health Care and Vaccinations, Climate Change and Protests,
Globalization, Cultural Differences and Economic Inequalities and many others.
Short conversation courses are an effective complement to your main English course and you can
organize your activities in parallel with them or consecutively.
Short conversation courses are an effective addition to your general English course. You can
organize your classes alongside it or after completing a certain level and before starting the next

Language for Life from London – dates, schedules, tuition fees, discounts
Form of education: Distance learning.
Number of hours: 15 academic hours.
Dates and deadlines for the academic year:
The first Monday of November, December, February, March, April and May.
Classes take place once a week for 1.5 academic hours (60 minutes) and last a total of 10 weeks.
Dates and deadlines for the summer vacation: The first Monday of July and August.
Classes take place on 1, 2 or 3 days per week for 1.5 academic hours and last a total of 3, 5 or 10
Other starting dates for group bookings.
Tuition fees for one module:
BGN 195 in installments for students who are also enrolled for the main course /15 % discount is
BGN 230 in installments for students enrolled for this course only.
Additional discount: 5 % discount for one time payment.

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Student Ratings & Reviews

Petar P.
Petar P.
За нас беше удоволствие да работим заедно! Препоръчвам курсовете на Alexander Language Schools! :)
Abraham M.
Abraham M.
Direct english is very good organisation!
Лидия В.
Лидия В.
Radosveta K.
Radosveta K.