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Level B Junior
The programme is intended for primary school students and is held under the following conditions:
 Form of education: face-to-face or distance learning as desired.
 Schedule for 1 academic year/1 level: 120 study hours.
 Weekly schedule: 4 hours per week /2 days x 2 hours/.
 Start dates: September 15 to October 31 and February 1 to March 15 each year.

Other start dates on request.
 Tuition fees: standard groups of 5 to 12 students:
 Sofia: BGN 1200 for payment in installments /6 x 200/ or BGN 1140 all at once.
 Other towns: BGN 900 for payment in installments /6 x 150/ or BGN 840 all at once.
 Additional charches: Registration fee – BGN 40; Textbooks – BGN 108.
 Discounts up to 25%: A wide range of attractive discounts for: success, every next level, “Bring a
friend”, second and third child of a family, Golden Card holders and other bonuses and privileges.
 Free assistance and registration through us for Cambridge exams: Starters or Movers.
Possibility to conduct an on-site exam at the Alexander Language Schools.
The indicated prices do not include VAT.
For more information and enrolments please call at 0896 856591 or email at alexander@als.bg

Level B Junior – learning system and study material
The Follow Us Junior B learning system is suitable for students from third to fourth grade /9-10 years of
age/. It is a continuation of "Follow Us Junior A" and is designed to motivate young learners and encourage
them to be actively involved in the learning process. To bring the English language to life, students will
follow the adventures of Alfie, Lucy, Finn and Finn's two pets, Peanut the monkey and Honey the puppy.
These characters along with two fun dinosaurs, a lovable superhero and a variety of fun activities and
games come together to provide an environment where learning is fun. Multimedia materials are also used
during the lessons.
Follow Us Junior B includes the following set of study materials: coursebook, workbook and test booklet.
The coursebook contains 6 units, each of which includes five lessons. The students revise the present
simple and present continuous tenses learned in the previous level, as well as: plural of nouns, possessive
and personal pronouns, impersonal constructions "there is" and "there are", the modal verb "can". At the
end of level B junior, students have mastered the modal verb "must", constructions with "some" and
"any", can form possessive case, comparative and superlative degree of adjectives, can use past simple
tense, express future intentions with the construction "be going to", as well as to form interrogative
sentences with question words.


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Student Ratings & Reviews

Petar P.
Petar P.
За нас беше удоволствие да работим заедно! Препоръчвам курсовете на Alexander Language Schools! :)
Abraham M.
Abraham M.
Direct english is very good organisation!
Лидия В.
Лидия В.
Radosveta K.
Radosveta K.