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Our company owns the exclusive rights for Bulgaria of the Direct English brand, which gives us the opportunity to carry out training under the system of the same name. Direct English is the most effective English language learning program worldwide, providing first-class language training. It was introduced by the Linguaphone Group – a world leader in foreign language learning.

Success in today’s global, business environment demands a real ability to communicate effectively in English. English is the global language of business, and a command of the English language is viewed by the international community, not just as a useful business tool, but as a fundamental skill for life.

Whether you require training for a group of young professionals in your company or a senior corporate executive, we offer bespoke English language programs for HR managers and companies requiring a strong, flexible and effective English language program as part of their professional development and training program.

In addition, we offer a dedicated Business English program for those companies who want to take their employees technical abilities in Business English learning a little further.

What’s more, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes. From global multinational companies including [if you are able to highlight companies you’ve worked with say so here], through to small start-up companies looking to quickly upskill their employees.

If you are any of the following we have a solution for you:-

  • a junior executive keen to get a head start in the workplace
  • a Chief Executive Officer wanting a personalised program to help develop your business internationally
  • A HR or training manager looking to develop a bespoke English language training program for their employees
  • A government body looking for a cost-effective English language training program

If you’ve been seeking a new approach to satisfy your English language training requirements, then look no further than Direct English – the global language learning system that will give you the results you demand from your training expenditure.

Tailor-made approach

Direct English will help your employees read, speak, listen to and understand English – both motivating them and making them more effective in their jobs. Every company is different in its objectives, which is why we sit down with you in order to understand your requirements before coming up with a bespoke study plan for how we can deliver the English language needs for your company.

Direct English offers English language training that’s tailor-made for companies, whatever their objectives, scale or budgets. Our flexible approach makes it perfect for accommodating the schedules of different employees. There are opportunities for on-site training, or you can have your employees visit our local training center, whatever suits you better.

Accountable and results-driven

Above all, we know you want to see results. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated Customer Services Manager working with you throughout, who will ensure your complete satisfaction. What’s more we also offer regular assessment reports on employees’ progress and other management analysis tools for full peace of mind for all HR and training managers.

Our program is also benchmarked against the Common European Framework for Languages so that you can be confident that your employees’ skills can be independently assessed too.

Simply put, we deliver on our promises by giving your employees the expert training that will enable them to communicate confidently and fluently in English. Of course, that’s nothing less than you’d expect from a training provider with more than 100 years of experience in the language training market. Contact us today to find out more how Direct English can work for your business.

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Student Ratings & Reviews

Petar P.
Petar P.
За нас беше удоволствие да работим заедно! Препоръчвам курсовете на Alexander Language Schools! :)
Abraham M.
Abraham M.
Direct english is very good organisation!
Лидия В.
Лидия В.
Radosveta K.
Radosveta K.